About DDFC

Raising the profile of Dubai as a global leader for the design sector

The Dubai Design and Fashion Council (DDFC) was established by the Dubai Government to raise the profile of Dubai as a regional and global destination for design. Leading the development of a sustainable industry, DDFC provides in-depth market intelligence and helps elevate local and regional talent, enabling the contribution of the creative industries to the development of the Emirate.


DDFC oversees, supports, promotes and drives initiatives related to 5 key design segments, Architecture, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Product Design.



The field of architecture is the art and science of designing physical structures. It covers a diverse range of specialties and encompasses the design of any built environment.

Fashion Design


Fashion design includes all of the methodologies and processes to develop and produce wearable items, including clothing, shoes, jewellery, bags and accessories.

Graphic Design


Graphic design encompasses a wide, diverse range of disciplines — from web development and editorial design to physical environments and data visualization.

Interior Design


Interior design defines the way we experience space in our homes, where we work, the places we go and the events we attend.

Product Design


The diversity of product design can range from every day utensils to iconic supercars. In its essence, product design is about solving problems and enhancing our daily lives.

DDFC was founded by the Dubai Government in 2013 and is chaired by Group Chief Executive Officer of TECOM Group. The Council steers design initiatives and drives the development of a creative economy.

Jazia Al Dhanhani, CEO, Dubai Design & Fashion Council (DDFC), joined in early 2016 as Executive Director of Industry Development & Marketing, to lead the development of the Council’s strategic plan. In addition to that, Jazia recently got appointed to head in5 as C.E.O.

Jazia Al Dhanhani has over 22 years of experience within the creative industries, having held a variety of strategic positions and working for some of the most reputable companies in the UAE.



The DDFC team is comprised of dedicated and passionate individuals from a variety of professions with insights on the design industry.

DDFC offers services for the design industry and its members at all stages of their professional careers, including design students, designers and professionals.

Design Industry Support:

  1. Internship Opportunities
  2. Workshops and Talks
  3. Event Endorsements
  4. Awards
  5. Resources

in5/DDFC Members Support:

  1. Exclusive Internship Opportunities
  2. Mentorship Programme
  3. Workshops and Talks
  4. Legal advisory
  5. Business and Financial advisory
  6. Workspace, Facilities and Equipment
  7. Showcasing Opportunities
  8. Members Directory
  9. Networking and social events
  10. Member Privileges
  11. Resources