Dubai’s Design Industry

A cultural and economic pillar for the UAE

Design is a fundamental pillar for economic competitiveness, innovative thinking and community enrichment

In MENA, the Creative Industries have played a prominent role in cultural and economic development for centuries, renowned for the region’s unique aesthetic in art, calligraphy, music, poetry and literature, Arabic-style architecture, woodworking and a range of crafts and jewellery.

The MENA Design Outlook projected that the design industry in the region will grow at a compound annual rate of at least 6% over the next five years, reaching US$55 billion by 2019.

Dubai is a design industry leader in the region

In MENA, the UAE (and Dubai in particular) is a design industry leader in terms of its design education programmes, workforce, opportunities for growth and nurturing of local talent. Dubai is also the most attractive education destination for students in the region.

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In order to retain and nurture regional talent, it is important to provide an environment in which upcoming talent can flourish. This environment also needs to promote collaboration within the design community and with the wider economy.

DDFC is committed to providing every resource and support system necessary to give members of the design sector every opportunity to advance their careers, enrich their practice and be part of a diverse and encouraging creative community.

DDFC is committed to providing resources and a support system for the design sector