Frequently asked questions

Leveraging on the expertise of  in5, the strategic partnership between the two entities was put in place to present the in5 Membership platform.

The membership gives professionals in design, tech and media of all career levels access to a comprehensive suite of benefits for promotion, talent development, business support, workspace, facilities and equipment.

The In5 membership will foster a startup-friendly environment, and empower innovative, home-grown business on the road to success, from advisement and internship programs structured to enhance your opportunities, to personalized one-on-one mentorships and greater exposure to industry pioneers, professional workshops and training sessions to hone your skills and check in with best practice, legal and business & financial advisory, local & international showcasing opportunities, competitions, and access to workspace and specialized facilities, studios and labs.

in5 membership offers support to the Design, Tech and Media community at all stages of their professional careers, starting from University students up to Entrepreneurs & Industry professionals. This includes internships for students , bespoke 3-month one-on-one Mentorship programme, promotion via the Members Directory and showcasing opportunities, competitions, business support (Legal Advisory, Business & Financial Advisory), workspace, facilities & equipment, year-round workshops and talks, events, and more.

in5 Membership is open to students and professionals who are studying or working in the Design, Tech and Media sectors. Disciplines must fall under any of the following categories: Design (Architecture, Fashion design, Graphic design, Interior design and Product design), Tech and Media.

There are four types of memberships: Student, Emerging Designer, Established Designer and Entrepreneur and Industry Professional.

You can apply through the in5  Membership online application form.

Yes, there is a minimal annual membership fee for members once they are accepted.

Student Membership: AED 400

Emerging Designer Membership: AED 800

Established Designer Membership: AED 1500

Entrepreneur & Industry Professional membership: AED 1000

At the moment, we do not accept bank transfers or cheques. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will receive a payment link in your registered email account. You can click on this link and pay via a credit card.

There are many natural synergies between DDFC and in5. Our partnership with in5 will serve to further develop Dubai’s vibrant and engaging entrepreneurial and creative ecosystem. By developing a joint membership, we seek to enable young entrepreneurs and industry professionals to connect, develop their skills and transform great ideas into sustainable businesses. For more information about in5, please visit

By creating a joint membership, we expand the DDFC offerings to include the benefits of in5. Whilst we will continue to offer tailored workshops, talks, mentorship support and advisory services, in5 will support our members by providing the physical infrastructure through three innovation centres across Dubai Design District, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Production City, with the added benefit of easy business set-up, creative spaces, training and mentorship, networking and investment opportunities to its members. For more information about in5, please visit

We are living in a highly-interconnected world: the rise of social media and digitisation have disrupted all sectors and left hardly any industry untouched. With a strong emphasis on visual content, the design and fashion industries lend themselves to new media content creation. New technologies, including for example ‘smart’ materials’ and techniques such as 3D printing continue revolutionising the way we design.  The partnership with in5 – which provides access to three innovation centres in Tech, Media and Design – seeks to address the need of our members to learn more about the opportunities that new technologies entail, complementing the current DDFC offering. The partnership will allow our members to tap into related sectors to further their business objectives and expand their personal skill sets.

For our existing members, and those who hope to become members, it means a whole lot of new options are available to get immersed in. Existing members will retain all their original benefits and will be able to take advantage of additional ones across in5’s innovation centres in Design, Tech and Media. For more information about in5, please visit:

No, the offering of membership benefits will only expand through this partnership. We will continue to offer tailored workshops, talks, mentorship support, advisory services and promotion opportunities to our existing and prospective members. In addition, we will be able to offer the added benefits of access to workspace, facilities and equipment at all three in5 innovation centres in Design, Tech and Media.

The pricing on our membership remains competitive and will not change from our current offering, which can be found on the in5 website.

If you’re unsure about which membership type you should apply for, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Student category is for applicants currently enrolled or graduated within the past 12 months in a Design, Tech or Media programme. If you have completed your degree more than 12 months, then you would be eligible to apply under the Emerging Designer or Entrepreneur and Industry professional category.

A degree in a Design, Tech or Media programme is not mandatory to apply for in5 membership, however you are required to submit your Portfolio and/or CV with relevant Design, Tech or Media work experience for our review and records.

Yes! in5 accepts applications from Design, Tech and Media students and professionals based anywhere.

It is not a requirement to be based in the UAE, however most of our workshops, talks, mentorships, social events, in addition to the workspace will be based in Dubai, and it would be beneficial if you can be here in order to benefit from them.

Nevertheless, there are other benefits that you could take advantage of that doesn’t require you to be permanently present in Dubai like showcasing in local and international events, participating in members-only open calls and competitions etc. Additionally, as a member you would be able to have your profile on the Membership Directory on the in5 website and stay up to date on news and activities of the Design, Tech and Media industry and community in the region.

No, applications are open throughout the year.

If your trade license is still under process, we suggest you choose ‘Director’ under the Job level field and a trade license will then not be necessary.

You can contact a member of our team on 800 3332 or email, with any questions.

If you have not received the payment link in your inbox, please check your Spam/Junk mailbox.

If you are unable to access your payment link, please follow the below steps:

  1. Log into your account on the in5 website, by clicking on the sign-in icon located on the top left corner in the home page.
  2. Once you log in with your user name and password, you will be automatically directed to the payment page.

It is our overarching objective to expand our current offering, not to limit it. Although we have restructured and renamed some of our membership categories, we remain committed to support industry affiliates. The ‘Entrepreneur & Industry Professional’ category, which you now fall under, was not only created to target a more diverse group of people and venture into new and exciting industries, but to provide a one-stop-shop to entrepreneurs and industry professionals, helping them to bring their business ideas to life and to forge enabling synergies.

The Members Directory is in5’s online platform for its members to publish their professional profiles. Here Design, Tech and Media students, Designers and Entrepreneurs and Industry professionals can showcase their work to recruiters and talent seekers, network with peers and build their online presence and brand.

No. Once you are an in5 member, you have access to all year-long workshops and talks in design, tech and media, business, legal, financial and many other interesting topics that are beneficial for people in Design, Tech and Media related businesses.

You will find details of upcoming workshops and talks under the ‘News & Events’ section on our website. Events will also be posted on all our social media channels.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Mentorship programme is a 3-month, personalized programme for in5 members that is career and results-focused. After being matched with a mentor based on their discipline and professional goals, members attend 6 one-hour sessions over the course of 3 months.

Members work one-on-one with mentors to tangibly advance their career or skill set.

in5 Mentors are a diverse group of experts representing the best in their industries. From business, tech, media specialists to regional and international designers, they offer invaluable guidance to  members in running a business, building a personal brand, creating innovative work and excelling in their field.

The mentorship is designed to focus on building the careers and businesses of members and is offered to Emerging Designer, Established Designer and Entrepreneurs and Industry Professionals with at least 3 years of work experience.

Available Internships will be posted on the website and the company offering the internship will select the final candidate. Selection will be based on experience, portfolio and required skills stated in the internship opportunity.

There is no set schedule, internships are posted as and when available.