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Applications are now open for 2017

The Membership is a platform for design students and professionals looking to learn, connect, grow and establish themselves in the UAE.

Members are a talented, diverse group of UAE-based creatives in the fashion design, product design, architecture, interior design, and graphic design. Together, they enrich the design sector and elevate Dubai as a global destination for design.

Through the DDFC Membership, design students and professionals get access to internships, personalized mentorships, legal and financial advisory and many other career-focused benefits. There are also year-round opportunities to attend workshops and to showcase on regional and international platforms.

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How do I become a member?

DDFC has four types of memberships: Student, Emerging Designer, Established Designer and Affiliated Professional. Find out if you are eligible to join our community.

Members Directory

A powerful creative network of DDFC members. Promote your work, raise your profile and build your personal brand.

Membership Type


You’re a current university student enrolled in a design-related programme.

Membership Type

Emerging Designer

You are a recent design grad or professional with less than five years of work experience.

Membership Type

Established Designer

You have at least five years of professional experience under your belt and a deep knowledge of your craft.

Membership Type

Affiliated Professional

You are a seasoned professional with a strong background in a creative field and something significant to add to the DDFC Membership pool.