Career development, promotional support and professional advisory

Members-only access to the tools you need to thrive

DDFC Membership provides its members with a wide breadth of professional offerings, ranging from mentorships and internships to legal advisory and promotional support.

Career Development

DDFC provides year-round workshops for all career levels alongside members-only access to open calls and sponsorships. In addition, students and emerging designers may take advantage of the internships and mentorships offered through DDFC.

Promotional Support

DDFC offers members many ways to raise their public profile. The Members Directory is a platform for all members to showcase their talent, while the DDFC Showcase and DDFC Endorsement offer exposure opportunities and recognition of outstanding achievements.

Professional Advisory

Legal and financial know-how as a working design professional is essential. DDFC offers its members legal and financial advisory. Additionally, the DDFC Business Incubator offers entrepreneurs resources to start their business successfully.


DDFC matches design professionals with industry specialists for personalised, one-on-one mentorship that lasts up to 5 months.


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