Membership Benefits

Enabling members with the right tools, platforms and opportunities to grow.

DDFC Membership provides its members with a comprehensive suite of benefits, including talent development, business support, promotion, design resources and privileges.

Talent development


DDFC provides year-round workshops and talks for all career levels. In addition to internship opportunities structured to enhance your experience and personalized one-on-one mentorships

Business Support


Legal and financial know-how as a working design professional is essential. DDFC offers its members legal and financial advisory. Additionally, the partner business incubators, offers entrepreneurs resources to start their business successfully.



DDFC offers members many ways to raise their public profile. The Members Directory is a platform for all members to promote their talent. The showcasing opportunities offer local and international exposure, while the networking and social events expand their professional relationships.

Design Resources


Access to exclusive resources including market intelligence, research studies and business tool kits.

Member Privileges


Discounted and preferential rates for a variety of goods and services such as materials, equipment, trainings, workshops, support services, wellness, F&B and more.