One-on-one, personalised mentorships for emerging and established designers

Apply for an opportunity for one-on-one personalized mentorship

DDFC matches design professionals with industry leaders for a personalised, one-on-one mentorship that lasts for 3months


From business specialists to industry leaders, they offer invaluable guidance to designers in starting a business, building a brand, creating innovative work and excelling in their field


Mentorship is offered in the following areas: Creative, Business Planning and Strategy, Finance, Marketing and Sales.

Who is eligible:

DDFC Member: Emerging Designer Members, Established Designer Members


  • DDFC Member: Mentorship is only offered for DDFC members – emerging and established designers
  • Segment: Only designers working with one of the 5 design segments will be considered (Architecture, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Product Design)
  • Professional experience: Designers must have at least 1 year relevant work experience.

Selection Criteria

  • Professional experience
  • Academic background
  • Language skills: Designer should inform DDFC of language preferences. This can influence which Mentors will be able to work with the potential candidate
  • Mentorship Areas
  • Challenges: Mentors must feel they have the capacity and expertise to add value and address the challenges identified by the designers

Mentorship Cycles

Mentorship is offered three times a year as follows:

  • January to March – Application deadline November 25th
  • April to June – Application deadline February 24th
  • October to December – Application deadline September 9th

To apply please download the application form.
Email the completed form to

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