Business and Financial Advisory

Access to business and finance experts

in5/DDFC members get the fundamental business and financial guidance covering business strategy, business planning, financial modelling, pricing, profit and loss statements, and managing cash flow.

Business and Financial Advisory Areas


Business and Financial Advisory is offered in the following areas:

  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Pricing & Profitability improvement
  • Financial statements and analysis
  • Cash flow management

Eligibility and Criteria


  • in5 Startups
  • in5/DDFC Member: Emerging Designer, Established Designer, Entrepreneurs & Industry Professionals
  • No conflict of Interest
  • The business and financial advisory sessions are intended to offer advice on business and financial matters only.
  • Members can only book consecutive sessions for different topics i.e. consecutive advisory sessions cannot be booked for a follow up on a matter that was discussed in a previous advisory session. Preferential rates can be provided should a member need to seek further advice on the same topic.



Please submit a completed registration form to

Incomplete forms will not be considered.

You will receive a response within 5 working days.

Advisory sessions are scheduled on first come first serve basis

Priority is given to members requesting business and financial advisory for the first time.

Meet the business and financial advisors



Motivaluate is a GCC based firm delivering corporate, consulting and learning and development services in the areas of Leadership, Strategy, Culture, and Execution.

We help clients empower their people to implement their strategies and succeed in the workplace.

We focus on developing the capabilities of an organization’s people who need to address real world challenges, attain specific business objectives and drive cash flows – higher, faster and stronger.


Founded by an ex Googler, KCCG is a leading startup consulting firm based in the UAE.

We are experts in writing business plans & feasibility studies for startups, SMEs and companies. KCCG has a deep expertise in business strategy, business planning and financial modeling / consulting. We also deliver business coaching for entrepreneurs with aim to unlocking their full potential as inspiring leaders and successful business owners.