Legal Advisory

Access to legal experts.

DDFC members get access to fundamental legal support in the format of one-on-one advisory to advice on legal matters including; contracts, intellectual property, legal disputes and copyright law, as well as an introduction to fundamental legal practices in design.


Legal Advisory Areas


DDFC members get legal advisory in the following areas:

  • Registering Intellectual Property, brand, design and patent protection
  • Contract disputes and avoidance
  • HR and Labor disputes
  • Domestic and global brand management
  • Franchising, licensing, distribution and multi-channel expansion strategies
  • E-Commerce

Eligibility, criteria and conditions


  • DDFC Member: Emerging Designer, Established Designer, Affiliated Professiona
  • No conflict of interest
  • The legal advisory session is intended to offer guidance and advise on one legal area or topic requested by the DDFC member
  • The legal expert will not create contracts or carry legal work for the DDFC member
  • Members can only book consecutive sessions for different topics i.e. consecutive advisory sessions cannot be booked for a follow up on a matter that was discussed in a previous advisory session. Preferential rates can be provided should a member need to seek further advice on the same topic.


Please submit a completed registration form to

Incomplete forms will not be considered.

DDFC will revert back to you within five working days.

Advisory sessions are scheduled on first come first serve basis.

Priority is given to members requesting legal advisory for the first time.

Meet the Legal Advisors


  Bird & Bird


Bird & Bird is an international law firm that provides a unique service to its clients in the Middle East in industries where intellectual property, technology and regulation are driving change. Seizing opportunities to use technology and innovation that drives positive economic and social transformation is, at the very core of what we do. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the laws, business practices and customs of the region, and its core industries. Through our offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, our UAE practice provides innovative corporate and commercial advice to local, regional and international clients in all areas of business law, with a focus on sectors and industries that are important to the development of the region.