Professional Advisory

Stay on the right track with essential industry guidance

Advisory specialised for the design sector

From one-on-one sessions with legal experts to access to a business incubator, DDFC Membership provides the necessary resources for designers to navigate the industry.

DDFC Membership

All members have exclusive access to members-only opportunities, mentorships, internships, workshops, events, sponsorships and more.

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Legal Advisory

DDFC gives members access to in-house legal experts. Designers get the fundamental legal support covering contracts, intellectual property, legal disputes and copyright law, as well as an introduction to fundamental legal practices in design.

Who is eligible: Emerging Designer  Established Designer 

Members only

Financial Advisory

Financial advisory is available through the DDFC membership portal, where designers can have access to in-house finance experts. Members can download introduction guides and e-books on business practice, financial modelling, pricing, profit and loss statements, and managing cash flow.   

Who is eligible: Emerging Designer  Established Designer

Members only

DDFC Business Incubator

Members who are starting their own business can make use of the DDFC Business Incubator, a platform to promote entrepreneurship. Facilities include business, legal and financial advisory, subsidised license fees and access to shared and individual offices at accessible rates.

Who is eligible: Emerging Designer  Established Designer