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DDFC offers its members professional tools and official accreditations that they can utilise to network with their peers, publicise their work and publicly represent the regional design sector.

DDFC Membership

Members have exclusive access to members-only opportunities, mentorships, internships, workshops, events, sponsorships and more.

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DDFC Showcase

The DDFC Showcase provides members with local, regional and international exposure opportunities. Year-round, members will be able to submit their work for the chance to be featured in DDFC-affiliated events, digital channels and exhibitions.

Who is eligible: Emerging Designer  Established Designer 

Members Only

DDFC Endorsement

DDFC Endorsement is an official award for design professionals with outstanding achievements. The award recognises designers’ contributions to the local industry and their role in elevating Dubai as an international design hub. Initiatives or platforms by DDFC members that support and develop the local design industry are also eligible for DDFC Endorsement.

Who is eligible: Emerging Designer  Established Designer  Affiliated Professional

Members Only

Members Directory

The Members Directory is a public platform for all DDFC members to showcase their professional profiles to promote their work, share their news, network and build their personal brand. 

Who is eligible: All membership types