Tales of the Trade Podcast Interview

Have your startup journey shared on the Tales of the Trade Podcast


Amaeya FM is looking for startups to feature on an upcoming spotlight series for Tales of the Trade, a podcast featuring Dubai’s pioneers and the stories behind the ideas & communities they’ve brought to life. If you think your startup makes the cut, tell us your story, and how building your enterprise has changed you.

About Tales of the Trade


From AMAEYA FM, Tales of the Trade features Dubai’s pioneers & the stories behind the ideas they brought to life. Each episode highlights the challenges & triumphs of the entrepreneurial journey & a legacy in the making.




AMAEYA FM is the UAE’s first & independent podcast network curating shows on business, entrepreneurship, technology, society & culture, self-help & more. AMAEYA FM also has close partnerships with brands to produce dedicated shows and better ad creatives.



  • in5 Startups
  • in5/DDFC Members: Emerging Designer, Established Designer, and Entrepreneur and Industry Professional.
  • A founder or co- founder of a business.


How to apply


To be considered for the Tales of the Trade Podcast please email the below to hi@talesofthe.trade

  • Company profile or executive summary
  • Company Social Media Account details
  • Up to date personal bio